The Sound of Virginia a Story of a Silicone Sex Doll

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Story of Virginia Part II - Tonight

Dante Matterazzi lifted his chin in acknowledgement. His next gesture was a little more subtle.

Wouldn’t have pegged you for a dancer, he spoke to my mind.

Funny, I (Love Doll Virginia) would have pegged you for a stalker, I shot back.

Dante Matterazzi and I both belonged to the Nephilim race, hence the innate ability to mind-speak, but the similarities stopped there. Dante didn’t know how to give it a rest, and I didn’t know how much longer I could dodge him. I’d met him for the first time just this morning, when he’d come to my house to announce that fallen angles and Nephilim were on the brink of war and I was in charge of leading the latter, but now I needed a break from war talk. It was overwhelming. Or maybe I was in denial. Either way, I wished he’d disappear.Love Doll Virginia 3

Left a message on your cell phone, he said.

Gee, I must have missed it. More like I deleted it

We need to talk.

Kind of busy. To emphasize my point, I rolled my hips and swung my arms side to side, doing my best to imitate Vee, whose favorite television network was BET, and it showed. She had hip-hop stamped on her soul.

A Faint Smile Quirked Dante's Mouth

A faint smile quirked Dante’s mouth. While you’re at it, get your friend to give you some pointers. You’re floundering. Meet me out back in two.

I glared at him. Busy, remember?

This can’t wait. With a meaningful arch of his eyebrows, he disappeared into the crowd.

“His loss,” Vee said. “He can’t handle the heat, that’s all.”

“About those drink,” I said. “Can I bring you a Coke?” Vee didn't look ready to give up dancing anytime soon, and as much as j wanted to avoid Dante, I figured it was best to just get this over with. Suck it up and talk to him. The alternative was having him shadow me all night. "Coke with lime," Vee said. I edged my way of the dance floor and, after making sure Vee wasn't watching, ducked down a side hallway and out the back door. The alley was bathed in blue moonlight. A red Porsche Panamera was parked in front of me, and Dante leaned against it, arms folded loosely over his chest. Dante is six feet nine with the physique of a soldier fresh out of boot camp. Case in point: He has more muscle tone in his neck than I (Love Doll) have in my entire body. Tonight he was wearing baggy lea-ids and a white linen shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest, revealing a deep V of smooth, hairless skin. "Nice car," I said. "It gets the job done." "So does my Volkswagen, and it cost considerably less." "Takes more than four wheels to be a car." Ugh. I said, tapping my foot. "What's so urgent?" You still dating that fallen angel?" was only the third time in as many hours that he'd asked. Twice messaging, and now face-to-face. My relationship with Patch e through a lot of ups and downs, but the current trend was alone. I'd only been a purebred Nephil for twenty-four hours, but I trusted my new, sharper sixth sense. If there were eavesdroppers lurking. I'd know. -Look. I know when we first met this morning I artlessly said the Nephilim would just have to deal with me dating a fallen angel," I said when he lowered his hand, "but I wasn't thinking, was angry. I've spent the day giving this a lot of thought. I've talked to Patch.


Love Doll Virginia 2We're being careful, Dante. Really careful." "Nice to know. But I still need you to do something for me." "Like what?" "Date a Nephil. Date Scott Parnell." Scott was the first Nephil I'd ever befriended, at the tender age of five. I hadn't known about his true heritage back then. But in recent months he'd taken on the roles of first my tor. Mentor, then my partner in crime, and eventually my friend. There were no secrets between us. Likewise, there was no romantic chemistry. I laughed. "You're killing me, Dante." "It would be for show. For the sake of appearances," he explained. Lust until our race warms to you. You've only been a Nephil one day. Nobody knows you. People need a reason to like you. We have to make them feel comfortable trusting you. Dating3 Nephil is a good step in the right direction." "I can't date Scott," I told Dante. Wee likes him." To say Vee had been unlucky in love was putting it optimistically. In the past six months she's fallen for a narcissistic predator and a backstabbing slimeball. Not surprisingly, both relationships made her seriously doubt her instincts in love. Lately, she had unequivocally refused to so much as smile at the opposite sex... until Scott came along. Early last night, just hours before my biological father had compelled me to transform myself into a purebred Nephil, Vee and I had come to the Devil's Handbag to watch Scott play bass for his new band, Serpentine, and she hadn't stopped talking about him since. To sweep in and steal Scott now, even if it was a ruse, would be the ultimate low blow.

To be continued with The Sound of Love Doll Virginia......

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