Six Reasons Why Love Dolls are now a Part of Everyday Society

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Six Reasons Why Love Dolls are now a Part of Everyday Society


Decades ago, if you were to see a selection of love dolls on sale, well, to be honest, you would probably have burst into fits of laughter. The reason for this would have been due to the fact that, although these sex dolls were still very popular, they were about as far removed from being realistic and lifelike, as you could have probably got. The dolls all looked the same, they all had the exact same facial expression and body shape, and truthfully they looked more like a pool inflatable than a sex doll. Well, thankfully, that was back then, and we are now becoming more advanced than ever. This means that the realistic love dolls currently available for purchase are incredibly advanced, they look lifelike, they feel lifelike, they are functional, they are hygienic, and they can provide hours upon hours of pleasure. At the moment, whilst still looking extremely realistic, the dolls do lack a certain something, because, well, they’re dolls. Science and technology however, is advancing at an astonishing rate and soon, these realistic sex doll products could actually become a realistic love robot. In some countries these robots are already being trialled and are being met with a great amount of critical acclaim. Because of this, experts predict that it is only a matter of time before these realistic love dolls hit the mass markets in the form of love robots. For now however, we have to make do with the highly sophisticated dolls currently available. Here’s a look at a few reasons why these dolls are now widely being accepted as part of everyday society.


They’re used in the gaming industry – Now, you’re probably asking yourself what kind of video games company would use these love dolls and what kind of games they are planning on making but just hear us out. You see, the great thing about these real dolls is the fact that they look so realistic and lifelike. Sure, in the bedroom with no clothes on, you can have hours of naughty fun with the doll, but outside of the bedroom, when fully clothed, these dolls look like attractive women you see out in the streets. What does this have to do with gaming? Well, certain gaming companies actually use these dolls as video game models. The dolls are used for motion capture and for outline scanning for characters to be used as part of the video game they are developing. The dolls can be manipulated into various poses and stances and as it turns out, they are actually very effective as part of the video gaming industry.


They’re used in the Cosplay community – Cosplay is incredibly popular all over the world, especially in countries like China, Japan, the US, and many other parts of Europe. Cosplay is basically a play on words (costume play) and the basic idea is that you dress up as your favourite fictional characters, either from TV, the movies, comic books, video games, graphic novels, or anything else. Many keen Cosplayers however, are actually utilizing these realistic love dolls as part of their cosplay. Some people choose to dress the doll up as their favourite character, whilst others may dress it up as a sidekick and perhaps take it with them to various parties and conventions. Not only that, but cosplayers are also using the dolls to help attract friends and followers on social media. They do this by dressing the doll in the outfit of their choosing, posting pictures to specialist forums and social media pages, and then hopefully gaining followers impressed with their costume choice.


They’re used in the hair and beauty industry – Another slightly unusual use for these realistic sex dolls is that they are used in many high-end salons and beauty parlours. In China, it is not uncommon to walk into a hair salon and to be met by realistic love dolls. Many people don’t actually realize that they are looking at sex dolls at all, in fact, you yourself may have seen one when you were getting your hair styled, and you may not have even realized. These salons use these dolls by dressing them in stylish clothing and accessories, doing their makeup, and then styling their hair, or using wigs on them to show off the latest style. Basically, they use these dolls like incredibly lifelike mannequin dolls that help to show off their hair styling abilities, and perhaps their hair styling products as well. Some salons will also focus solely on the head and will use different makeup products to help show potential customers how the products will look when they’re applied. For example, if they are selling a popular lipstick, the lipstick is then carefully applied to the realdolls and that is pretty much that. Customers can then see how the makeup will look, and hopefully, will be so impressed that they will make a purchase.


Photographers also utilize them for their work – As mentioned, one of the great things about these realistic sex dolls is the fact that they look so incredibly lifelike and realistic. As the manufacturing processes are currently so advanced, many people actually struggle to tell the difference between these dolls and real people in person, never mind on print. Needless to say, in photo form, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between these dolls and real women, and that is fantastic for a photographer. More and more photographers are now utilizing these realistic sex dolls for their work as they are dressing them how they like, are placing them into the specific poses they are after, and are then subsequently snapping amazing pictures in a whole variety of different surroundings. The great thing about using these love dolls for photography is the fact that the photographer does not have to give the model instructions and tell them how to pose, they don’t need to answer questions, and they don’t need to pay them for their services. The photographer can dress and style them the way they want, they can place them into the pose that they want, and they don’t then have to hand over their hard earned money for their time. Basically, they get all of the rewards, with none of the drawbacks.


They’re more advanced than ever – As mentioned, because science and modern technology is now becoming more advanced than ever, many experts predict that it is just a matter of time before these love dolls advance to the next stage and become love robots instead. For now however, a love doll will have to do but don’t let that put you off, because they are incredibly advanced. The realistic sex dolls you see nowadays, are light years away from the sex dolls we had available a couple of decades ago. These dolls are sexier than ever, they have incredibly lifelike features, their ‘skin’ feels real, the hair is real, they have various facial features which can be altered, plus the various curves and contours of their bodies feel almost identical to those you might expect to find on real women in the real world. Yes, as these sex dolls are so advanced, they look lifelike and they feel lifelike so to be perfectly honest, it will feel as if you are with a real woman. Lucky owners can get intimate with the doll whenever they like, and best of all is the fact that they get all of the rewards, with no work. Before, if you wanted to get lucky, you had to hit the clubs, and embrace the whole dating scene. It was often a lot of work, with little reward, unless you actually did get lucky. With these realistic sex dolls however, the doll is always there so whenever you do feel like getting intimate, you simply grab your doll and have a whole heap of fun.


So much choice – Decades ago, all sex dolls looked identical so there was virtually no choice whatsoever. These days however, things have changed a great deal. The realistic love dolls currently available for purchase come in a whole variety of different types so everybody’s taste has been catered for. If you like brunettes, then great, there are plenty of brunette dolls to choose from. There are slim dolls, curvy dolls, blonde dolls, redheads, long haired dolls, short haired dolls, dolls with green eyes, dolls with blue eyes, brown eyes, and more besides. When you order your love dolls online, you can either have a doll custom made to your own specifications, or you can go ahead and take a look at the vast selection on offer. One thing that is for certain, is the fact that you will never be spoilt for choice when you shop for your next real love doll.

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