How Realistic Sex Dolls are Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

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How Realistic Sex Dolls are Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry


When people think of realistic sex dolls  , well, the clue is in the name, as they of course instantly think of using the dolls for, well, sex. Whilst it is true that these dolls can indeed provide a whole host of sexual benefits and advantages for users under all kinds of circumstances, there are also several other uses for these dolls that people may not have previously considered. It will actually be these very benefits and uses that we cover in this article, as the intention is to show you how a number of savvy fashion-orientated business experts, along with fashion-crazed fans in the process, have used these dolls to not only help establish their fashion businesses, but to also gain followers on social media in the process. Yes, realistic sex dolls, just like the ones you can purchase from are becoming increasingly fashion-savvy, and are covering everything from Cosplay, to luxury boutique wear. People are using these dolls for modelling all kinds of fashion items and products, and if you intend on doing the same, take a look at the following. In this article we’ll be looking at how you can use these sex dolls slightly differently as we look at how to choose the right one, the benefits of using them for modelling, how to use them for modelling, fashion, cosplay etc, and more besides.


How to choose the right doll for you – Before we go any further, we’ll begin by looking at a few things you will need to take into consideration when choosing the right doll for you. These include the following:


Know what you need the doll for – As mentioned, realistic sex dolls are now being utilized by people for a whole variety of different reasons, and if you’re looking for a doll yourself, you need to know its purpose. For example, some people choose to purchase the dolls for sexual pleasure and satisfaction, whilst others purchase them to help improve their sexual performance perhaps? If you do not intend to use the doll for sexual reasons however, you may wish to use it for fashion purposes. If you do, what type of clothes are you going to dress your doll in? Are you going with cosplay for conventions and online marketing perhaps? Or, are you looking to dress your doll in clothes which you make, or perhaps sell, in your store? Before you begin searching for a doll, you must first ensure you know what you intend on using the doll for.


Consider the size of the doll – Up next, you will also need to consider the overall size of the doll, especially if you are indeed looking to use the doll for modelling purposes. For example, if you happen to sell clothes which are marketed specifically for petite women, you will need a relatively petite-sized doll, otherwise the clothes will look too small. On the flipside, if you sell plus-size clothing, you will need a larger doll to model the clothes, otherwise they will look far too big, and certainly won’t show off the clothes in a positive light. Before ordering your doll, make sure you read up on the size and dimensions of the doll in advance, to avoid disappointment on the day, if you were to go ahead and order the wrong size.


Will the clothes/costumes fit? – Not only do you need to ensure that you go ahead and order the correct-sized realistic sex doll , you also need to make sure that you take the size of the clothes/costumes into consideration as well. It’s no good hoping the clothes will fit without measuring, because more often than not, if you do leave things to chance, the gamble will not pay off. If making clothes and accessories, make sure you make them at a size that will fit the doll, and if ordering, make sure you order the correct size.


Use clothes and accessories that compliment the doll – Remember, if you are using the doll for fashion and modelling purposes, the idea of course, is to make sure the doll looks fantastic. You are dressing the doll in clothes and costumes which you are hoping to sell, or show off at the very least, so they need to look attractive and stylish on the doll itself. The great thing about realistic dolls for sex nowadays, is the fact that they are so incredibly lifelike, and as you know, no two people are exactly alike. This means you can go with dolls with dark skin, dolls with light skin, dolls with blond hair, dolls with brown hair, short hair, medium hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, the list just goes on and on. As you probably know, different styles and fashions suit different people, and so you need to choose ones that compliment your doll, or vice versa. For example, if you’re going for a gothic Cosplay style, the primary colour of your doll’s outfit will be black. Those who adhere to a gothic way of life often have a reputation for being pale-skinned with dark hair, so the doll you select should ideally be pale-skinned, with dark hair. Basically, choose clothes, outfits, and accessories that will compliment the doll you’ve purchased.


What are the fashion benefits of realistic love dolls ? – Now that we’ve hopefully provided a few helpful tips to make your doll purchasing endeavours easier than ever, it’s now time to learn how these dolls are changing and revolutionizing the fashion world as we know it today. Key benefits of the dolls include:


Realistic – When you’re shopping for clothes on the high street, when you see mannequin dolls in store windows, these dolls often look nothing like real people at all. They have no faces, they have unrealistic shapes, they’re often much smaller than the average-sized person, plus, they just generally don’t give off real-life vibes. Needless to say, this makes buying clothes tough because you truthfully have no idea how the clothes are going to look on you. If you are using your sex doll for modelling purposes however, the dolls themselves are incredibly lifelike and realistic, so they give potential customers a much better idea of how the clothes would look on them. If for example, a woman saw the clothes on one of your dolls, and noticed how the doll had a figure almost identical to her own, she would see exactly how the clothes would fit on her, and this could potentially help to seal the deal.


Plenty of choice – We all have different preferences in life, and if you happen to sell accessories for people with long hair, you can select a long-haired doll and utilize it for showing off your accessories. If you want a petite doll, again, there are small sizes, just like there are large sizes. You can go with different skin tones, different hair lengths, different hair colours, and much more besides. This is especially useful if you wish to purchase more than one doll, because you can perhaps go with two completely different dolls to show off contrasting styles of fashion.


Different bust sizes – This is another very important benefit to consider when choosing a realistic sex doll, because most dolls and mannequins have the same sized bust, which is far from ideal. Different women have different bust sizes, and if you are looking to showcase new bras, or perhaps lingerie, it is important that you select a doll with the right sized bust.


Great for Cosplay – As you know, Cosplay is now hugely popular all over the world, especially in places like China and Japan. If you sell Cosplay costumes, or if perhaps you simply wish to gain a series of new Cosplay fans and followers, these love dolls are absolutely perfect. You can dress the dolls in whichever costumes you like, you can place wigs on them, you can give them accessories, and you can then model them in the pose of your choice. Once you’re happy with the Cosplay costume look you’ve created, you can then perhaps upload the images onto various online Cosplay forums and message boards, which in turn will help you obtain new fans, and possibly to grow your social media reach in the process. There are actually a lot of people that take their dolls along to conventions, and truthfully if you saw them at a glance, you’d struggle to notice that they were in fact dolls at all.


Great for business – Finally, as mentioned, for people involved in the fashion industry, these realistic love dolls are perfect. This is because they provide all of the benefits associated with having real life human models, without the hassle. They look nothing like an artificial mannequin, and they therefore help to showcase the clothes, accessories, and costumes, in a positive and realistic light. Many people use pictures and videos of their dolls, uploaded onto social media, forums, and message boards, to help expand their reach and hopefully gain more followers and customers. Some even now open up public web chats and share their experiences with others.

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One thing is for sure in the coming days this doll has the potential to replace a real girl. Especially in places like China these dolls are becoming realistic partner for men.

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