The love stories with sex doll in China

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For most of people who know sex dolls, they may think the dolls are only for sexual purpose, which is only focusing on people’s physiological needs. However, depends on varies research, this is not true.

So why people purchase a realistic doll instead of real human, and why the doll market is getting more popular in recent years. We would like to introduce a love story with sex dolls in China, and the story may explain the reasons.


According to the Chinese tradition and Confucianism theories, having sex or purchase sexual products are embarrassed to talk at the public, even though people will not talk about any sexual experience to their very close friend, however, the situation is getting changed, they start purchase sex dolls. How the things does changed so rapidly, and what are the aims for them to buy sex dolls?


Fan Zhang, 36 years old man, a stock agent living at Beijing. He told us that he feels equal with his “girlfriend”, and he does not treat her as a sex toy but more likely a psychological lover. Sometimes, he felt the lady is another him, he likes spiritual communication more than sexual activities. “She is another female me, which is not another woman, I never hope people could understand it, but I really enjoy the time with her” He told us, “and she is already in my mind before the doll comes”.

Love Story of Sex Doll in China

Fan Zhang’s girl friend is on the bed in his bedroom.

After working, Fan Zhang always back to home as soon as possible to look after his girlfriend. He often bring her to gardens to take photos during the weekends, and he spends a huge amount of money to buy clothes and jewelers for his love doll, which to give her more than 30 identities, such as rich lady, gentlewoman, policy woman, Korean model and etc. 

Love Story of Sex Doll in China

Fan Zhang is ironing cloth for his girlfriend, and look at her to find does she happy with that.


Fan Zhang had two times unsuccessful love experiences, and he agrees that he is not a person good at communicate with ladies or others, and he starts his love with his sex doll not because get hurts from his ex-girlfriends, but he will evaluate the risks from marriage include the physical and the mental.

Sometimes, Fan Zhang takes his “girlfriend” to have a candlelight dinner at a romantic place, and he also plan to take his love doll travel around China, even overseas to make a photo album for her in different places and countries. “If you said it is not a love, I don’t think that is true” He said.


Love Story of Sex Doll in China

Fan Zhang is having a candlelight dinner with his love doll.


Mr. Fan Zhang gives his love doll a name “Liu Ying” which is a lady that he is missing. Fan Zhang is the only son at his family, so his parents wish him could find a lady to get married very soon, and bring them a grandchild. Family is always the most important role in China, but Fan Zhang has to explain to his parents that “Liu Ying” is also a very important family members after he get married in the future.

Although, many people may don’t understand Fan Zhang’s behaviors, but he feels love and happiness. “I don’ care how people look at me, Liu Ying brings me all what I want and needs, that is enough.” He told us.

For most of people living at this planet, they all have pressures from working, marriage, relationships, communications etc., people feel lonely  painful and helpless, some of them choose drinking, smoking, gambling, even drugs to resolve the pressures and suffering, to get a love doll and tell her/him your pain your pressures and your secret, just like Fan Zhang, it is may not the best way to solve your problems, but it may be a good way to comfort your heart. 

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