Secrets and those who live with silicone love dolls – Nothing related with sex

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During the late 20th century, love dolls became more popular as a means of sexual experimentation. This led to widespread commercialization. Of course some people purchase sex dolls for physiological needs, however, due to recent research, the purpose for most people who buy sex dolls are more likely based on psychological needs.

Sex dolls are a source of security for these men, not simply as a sexual toy, they not only treat the dolls as private possessions, but more equal, friendly and humanity. These people have totally different backgrounds and stories, but they all believe that love dolls will give them comforts, they can feel someone is waiting for them back to home, and will always be at their side in the future.

Furthermore, because they often feel negative attitudes from the society, and these misunderstandings will affect their daily life, so for people who have sex dolls, they totally not in touch with Medias, which means only few people could realize their inner world.


Why they live with a realistic sex doll rather than a real woman? There are might be three main reasons based on some researches

No longer believe in women or hurt by women and no wills to have a relationship with women.

These people either have unsuccessful love or hurt by women, or divorced for a long time, they would no longer trust women. From their point of view, it is easier to build up a trust with love dolls and the love dolls are the only depends of their emotional world, which is cannot be replaced. They truly enjoy the life that live with these beautiful, loyal, trustworthy love dolls, there are no betray, no quarrel, and no abuse, all of those make them feel peaceful and happiness. They spend a lot of money and time to buy closes and gifts to dress their dolls and take photos to share with other doll holders, some of them call the dolls “lovely daughters”.


Some people live with a love doll due to physical disability or disease of themselves.

I Love Sex Doll

He is a twenties boy with sunny smile, however he is also a critically ill patients of intracranial arachnoid cyst (IAC), and he could die at any time. He does not know when he will left the word, but he still desire to have a family, so he purchased a “daughter” online and start a special time with his “daughter”. He call his “daughter” Xiaodie, and he think that to have a love doll is the best choice for him which a person could die at any moment, so he is very cherished the days with Xiaodie, he take her to have a movie, shopping and even traveling. Also, he posted many photos of their daily lives with Xiaodie on his blog. Unfortunate, his blog was stopping updated at the end of November 2015. We did not know what was happened with this boy, but we hoped he would be fine.

I Love Sex Doll


Some of aging men have been widowed, tragically, some of these men are also seeing these love dolls as companions in life as they no longer have regular contact with their children. 

This is understandable, for these aging men it is hard to get a marriage again, and most of them feel very lonely, if they no longer have regular contact with their children. How will they spend the rest of life with happiness, to heal the miss of wife who had already pass away? Some of them seeking love dolls as companions in life. Even some of them to spend a huge amount of money to customize the head of their dead wife, it is just like their wife never pass away.  This sounds sad for these men, however, it might be a good way to bring them a colorful old age.


If people totally isolated from society and only infatuated with love dolls may not a good idea, however, it helps people avoid such bad feelings, to let these people get more hopeful and optimistic attitude towards the society, which is the most important contribution to man kinds from love dolls. For many people who could not get the same feelings and pains as these doll holders, we suggest you to respect their choices and to understand what they have done with love dolls. It is very simple, they are not foolish people, and they do have the same emotions as normal people, just like you. In some factors, we would like to say, they are noble people, because they don’t want to destroy other women’s lives due to their own faults. They are harmless for this world, collecting love dolls is only a hobby of these people, it is the same as women to collecting bags and clothes. So, we recommend you to open your mind and respect what they are doing. 

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