Why Babyclon dolls are taking the world by storm

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Why Babyclon dolls are taking the world by storm


If you’ve been following our weekly blog posts, you’ll know that ordinarily, we like to talk about Realistic sex doll   products, and look at how these silicone sex doll items can bring happiness and pleasure to all kinds of people’s lives. This week however, we’ll be looking at something very different, as we will this week, will be looking at Babyclon dolls, also known as Avatar baby dolls. In this article we will be taking a look at how some realistic dolls out there, can be used for non-sexual purposes and how they can provide different kinds of benefits and advantages to people’s lives in a number of different ways. But what exactly are these ‘Avatar dolls’ why are they so popular, how have they gained so much attention, and why are people from all kinds of industries, seeing such huge potential in them? Well, below we’ll be aiming to answer all of these questions, and more besides, as we look at why these avatar babies are taking the world by storm.


What are Babyclon dolls? – Babyclon dolls, also known as avatar babies, are relatively new products that have been generating a great deal of interest online. Initially a video of the dolls was posted online on the Instagram social media page. The video quickly went viral and it has currently been viewed close to 3 million times, and that number is growing every single day. Some people were intrigued, some loved the video, and some were creeped out, but what are these avatar dolls? Well, if you’ve seen the movie ‘Avatar’ you will instantly understand why these dolls are known as Avatar babies. You see, they are designed to look, well, just like baby creatures from the Avatar movie. By the way, these creatures are known as Na’vi and they are unforgettable due to their blue-coloured skin and humanoid features. These baby dolls are basically designed to look like baby versions of the Na’vi. Now, you’re probably thinking that light blue baby dolls made from silicone will look about as unrealistic as you can get, but you would be wrong. You see, these dolls are made from ultra-realistic platinum cured silicone which looks and feels about as close to human skin as you can possibly get. Babyclon are a Spanish company that focus on creating realistic-looking baby dolls, which is why their Avatar dolls gained such a lot of attention. If you saw a picture or video of these baby dolls, you would swear that somebody had simply put face and body paint onto real babies, along with a few prosthetics to create the trademark Na’vi look, and in fact, that is exactly what people did think. Some people were outraged that a parent would do such a thing to their child, only to find that in fact, they weren’t real babies at all. The dolls are fantastic if you’re a fan of the Avatar movie, though they do not exactly come cheap.


What are the key benefits of these dolls? – So, as you can now probably see, these Avatar baby dolls are very popular, but why is this? Well, in reality, there are a number of reasons for this. They include:


Ultra-realistic – As mentioned, these dolls are made from ultra-realistic platinum cured silicone to create a skin-like texture that looks and feels about as close to real human skin as you can imagine. The dolls do not come cheap, but boy do you get your money’s worth if you choose to purchase them. They look incredibly lifelike and if you’re a collector of dolls, an Avatar fan, a movie buff, or perhaps a combination of all three, these dolls would make a very welcome addition to your collection.


Opens up new possibilities in the adult industry – The technology used to create these Avatar dolls is like nothing you will have ever seen before, and the results speak for themselves. Whilst this is fantastic for Avatar fans, it also opens up a whole variety of new possibilities for people working in other industries. You see, the platinum cured silicone looks and feels so life like that people cannot tell the difference between these dolls and real human beings. For companies that manufacture realistic sex doll products, this is extremely promising because, theoretically, they could use this silicone to create adult silicone sex doll   products that look and feel incredibly lifelike. Whilst love dolls are gaining popularity and are becoming more advanced every single day, the material used in these dolls takes things to a whole other level entirely. For those who work in the adult love doll industry, this is very promising indeed because the material can help make a very good product, an outstanding product.


Great for practice before parenthood – Becoming a parent is tough, and if you rush into it, you can easily find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the entire experience. This is where Babyclon dolls are proving to be so beneficial, because these dolls are actually fantastic for soon-to-be parents, or people thinking of becoming parents, who wish to get some practice in before the take the plunge into parenthood. The dolls can be dressed just like real babies, you can look after them just like real babies, and they can help give you a better idea of what to expect if you are serious about becoming a parent. For parents, or even young girls looking to get an idea of what motherhood is like, these dolls are perfect.


Modelling benefits – Let’s face it, there is, and always will be, a huge demand for baby clothes and accessories, because people will always have babies. These babies of course need to be dressed in various clothes and outfits, and if you want your baby to look great, you will want to find the best outfit that you possibly can. The problem is that often, you can’t see what the outfit will actually look like on a baby, because generally you cannot use a baby for modelling clothes. If you were to model clothes on a baby, it would be distressing for the baby, getting it changed into new outfits would take too long, you would struggle to get the baby to keep still to get good shots, plus, there is always the risk that the baby would have a little “accident” on the nice clean clothes it was wearing. Because of this, baby clothes are generally not modelled, so you can’t actually see how they look on your child, until you dress your baby yourself. The promising thing about these ultra-realistic Babyclon dolls, is the fact that, as they aren’t real, you can dress them however you like, and not have to worry about distressing them etc. You can basically use the doll as a mannequin for clothes, outfits, and accessories, which may make your items more desirable. As the technology advances, the same materials can be used to create dolls of different shapes, genders, ages, shapes, and sizes, so modelling clothes will be easier than ever before.


A wonderful grieving tool – Losing a baby is one of the most distressing and traumatic experiences a person will ever experience, and we can’t even begin to imagine just how badly those affected must be feeling. Though you never truly get over that kind of experience, there are things you can do to help you begin to move on and begin living your life once again. Babyclon dolls can potentially be used by grieving parents to help them to truly mourn a child they may have lost, and to help with the grieving process to help give them closure. Obviously a doll can never replace a real human being, they can slowly help people to overcome their grief and to begin the healing process.


Promising for the movie industry – When we switch on the TV, or head to the movies, often we will find that many of the movies and TV shows we watch, will feature a baby, or babies, in various scenes. Some movies and shows are actually based around babies (Baby’s Day Out, Look Who’s Talking etc). As the saying goes however ‘Never work with children or animals’. The reason for this is that filing scenes with babies can be tough, because they basically do what they want, when they want. As modern science


and technology continues to advance however, in the future, there may be times where these dolls can be turned animatronic so the dolls could basically be used as stand ins for human babies in certain scenes. This is much safer, it is less distressing for the babies, and of course, it will help the shoot to run a whole lot smoother in the process.

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